This article introduces the package folium. A simple example of using folium to map your data geographically.

Folium is a python library used for visualising geospatial data; it is user-friendly and yet it can tell a lot of stories. Plotting data geographically is widely used nowadays to illustrate and easily transmit the insights the main point in question. One of the main industries that utilizes such kind of visualisations are Uber, Deliveroo and Zomato…. The documentation of folium can be found on their official website.

In this article, I will be utilizing data posted on Kaggle by Naji El Kotob

This is a detailed guide for beginners on web scraping using Selenium and chrome driver.

Coding is a skill that you can easily learn by focusing first on one programming language such as Python, R, JavaScript, HTML and many others. Personally, I prefer Python because it feels more practical and has lots of fun packages. In this article, I will be using Python and Spyder to introduce you to the package Selenium. The below guide is outlined as follows:

  1. What is Selenium?
  2. Why Selenium?
  3. Downloading the necessary software and package.
  4. A simple automation process.
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What is Selenium?

Selenium is a package in Python that is used to automate web applications for testing purposes. …

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